OneSwitch uses the open source homeassistant manager to ensure the widest possible compatibility with commercial devices and that multiple ecosystems can interact seamlessly. To add your new device, check the procedure in our user manual or check the community instructions.

Vérifiez que le concentrateur est connecté à votre routeur et que vous voyerz l'indicateur rouge LED est allumé. Si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes, vérifiez que votre appareil mobile est connecté à votre réseau Wi-Fi domestique et n'utilise pas 3G ou 4G pour les données.

The only tool needed is a screwdriver. Before attempting to install a switch, please ensure the mains power is off and you have fully understood the instructions provided in our user manual.

We sell additional switches on our store. Please see the user manual for how to integrate them to your system.

In order to ensure data protection and privacy, we have disabled internet connectivity by default. It is possible to connect to the hub from the internet and the procedure to enable this can be found in the manual or online. Instead of an internet facing setup, we suggest using a chat bot as described here.

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