Our systems are designed to be flexible, secure and invisible. We build systems that make your environment work for you.

We believe in Stunningly Beautiful Design.

You deserve a beautiful environment. Our sensors and interfaces are sleek and functional, they can be tailored to you or your organisation.

One Switch delivers a system that Works for You.

Our smart technologies ensure the best user experience, we believe that a smart system should simply disappear into your environment so you can forget that it is even there.

We deliver Infinite Possibilities Using Practical Solutions. 

Working with some of Europe’s top scientists, we have innovated, designed and built a smart solution fit for the 21st century. We don’t collect, share or hide your data and our company is based in Switzerland, a country with some of the worlds finest privacy protections. We believe in your privacy and that your data is yours and yours alone.



We use a reliable and time ­tested process when it comes to building a smart system for our customers.

We’re big fans of review/review/review. We are always looking for new ideas and would be happy to hear comments or suggestions from our customers for smart products to develop.

Contact us today at info@oneswit.ch.

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