OneSwitch WiFi RGB+WW LED Strip (5m)

95.00 CHF

Tech Specs

  • AC Power Supply: 220-250V AC
  • LED Power: 24V DC
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • Max. Current: 4A/24V/channel
  • Max. Power: 96W/channel
  • Max channels: 5 (RBG/WW/CW)
  • Dimension: 93 x 46 x 20mm
  • Control Methods: MQTT/HTTP API/Web
  • Wireless Standard: WiFi 2.4GHz IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
  • Material: ABS body


MQTT is a standardised (ISO/IEC PRF 20922) lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices, optimized for high-latency or unreliable networks

MQTT enables sensors and devices to communicate on the ‘internet of things’. At OneSwitch, we use a local MQTT server to ensure your data stays safely and securely within your four walls.

Refunds and Warranty

We ensure during testing that all products that leave our office are in fully working order. If however the product is damaged in transit, we will replace it for a full refund. Damage due to defects not from normal use are covered under our standard warranty for one year.


Please see our user manual. It is important to fully understand the risks of working with mains electricity so please seek professional support if in doubt. OneSwitch can not be held respnsible for any loss or damage that occurs due to improper installation.



The OneSwitch WiFi RGB+WW LED Strip interfaces with home assistant to provide you with a simple way of controlling these bright, 4 channel LED strips. The Red Green, Blue and warm white channels can be controlled indipendantly to allow you to set the room to the mood you desire. Home assistant allows you to simply define moods or add them to a schedule so the ambience is always as you please. You can use the automation panel too add automations, such as turning on the low level lighting in the hall when someone arrives home after dark or around the bed at dusk. The installatgion of the strips is simple, simply plug in the WiFi controller and stick the strips using double sided adhesive where you would like them. Cut along the lines indicated on strip with strong sciccors to adjust the size of the strip to your liking. Some LED strip connectors are provided for flexibility with your resizing.

If you purchase this with a OneSwitch starter package, we will configure the controller to be setup free. Complete manual configuration is also possible by connecting to the Switches powerful Tasmota based firmware. Upload rules, schedules and more via the built in web interface without touching Home assistant. Note, using the controller without a smart home hub, simply from its own web interface is also possible. 

This product is perfect for someone who needs an extra 5m of RGBWW Led strip with a controller for an existing system or wishes to purchase one of the starter packages but has a need for more LED strip lighting.

If you purchase additional WiFi strips with one of the OneSwitch packages, we will configure them into your new setup.


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